How to Burn Fat in a Few Days


By Carola Sixto

One of the most “effective” ways used by celebrities to burn fat is reducing the intake of carbohydrates for two weeks and, instead, having 5 meals (3 main meals and two snacks) based on lean, high-protein foods: chicken, turkey, fish, and eggs. In addition, consumption of starchy foods like potatoes, white rice, pasta, and white bread is minimized. They state that your body stores carbohydrates for three days and if you reduce your intake of carbohydrates and begin to exercise, you’ll burn calories.

To provide enough energy to your body and brain, they also recommend having many vegetables and whole grains while following this diet. It’s also important to drink enough fluids to increase your metabolism. 

All these may sound appealing, but according to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans if you want to lose weight  and burn fat the healthy way you have to eat a variety of carbohydrates that are important sources of many nutrients, (fruits, vegetables, grains, and milk) within the context of a calorie-controlled diet.   

Don’t Sit Down!

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Some people can’t help constantly weighing themselves once they begin a weight loss plan. If you really want to lose weight, you need to get moving!  

  • Get your heart pumping!  Running, biking, swimming, and walking are activities where you burn many calories, even after you’ve finished your exercise session! The  Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans recommend trying to do at least 150 minutes a week of moderate-intensity or 75 minutes a week of vigorous- intensity aerobic activity. 
  • Add a little weight to your routine.  Resistance exercises, such as sit-ups and different types of abdominal exercises can help you burn calories
  • Drink enough water.  Some people might even confuse hunger with thirst. If you stay well-hydrated, you won’t have any doubts!
  • Get enough sleep.  It may be difficult during this time of the year, but getting an adequate rest is critical. When you become very tired, your body slows down in order to save calories and fat. In addition, when we’re tired, we usually don’t think much about what to eat. To avoid this, learn to listen to your body when it needs some rest, and stay away from food temptations!
  • Don’t “drink” calories.  Drinks also provide calories. Try to limit your consumption of beverages containing sugar, fat, or alcohol and replace them with water.

For best results,  MyDiet TM suggests to make smart choices from each food group together with a personalized diet  and exercise routine based on your own needs.