Cardiovascular Surgery

Cardiovascular Surgery

ColSanitas - Clínica Universitaria de Colombia

Bogotá, Colombia

Clínica Universitaria Colombia has already surpassed a decade of excellence in medical care. The prodigal daughter of the ColSanitas group - which includes seven health establishments - this center of excellence, which opened its doors on June 29, 2006, has achieved a national and international hierarchy thanks to its level of patient care, in a framework of advanced technology and procedures, and spaces that stimulate recovery.

The clinic receives patients and their families on a daily basis in an environment dominated by comfort, a philosophy that privileges the building quality of the care space as a positive influence on treatments, and during periods of hospitalization.

In this modern and functional framework, Clínica Universitaria Colombia offers complementary diagnostic services, clinical laboratory, surgery rooms, imaging, non-invasive cardiology, hemodynamics, gastroenterology, neonatal intensive care, delivery rooms and cesarean sections. In addition, there are 20 outpatient clinics for follow-up, vaccination, and respiratory therapy services.

These services include the Mama Kangaroo Program, a pioneering plan for monitoring the premature newborn that stimulates the affective bond between mother and baby, while a set of interventions are carried out for the well-being of the small patient and the families, which stimulates an optimal integral development.

This center of excellence has a total of 312 beds, in which patients - from newborns to older adults - receive personalized attention minute by minute. There are three head nurses for every 23 patients and one nurse's aide for every seven.

But the patient is not the only one who feels comfortable at Clínica Universitaria Colombia. Loved ones can wait or accompany in spacious rooms, waiting rooms, hallways, and circulation areas, which are designed to decrease anxiety and stimulate a positive environment.

The numbers in this center of excellence speak for themselves. In 2017 alone, 19,690 surgeries were performed at Clínica Universitaria Colombia, and 133,048 emergencies were attended to. In the same year there were 20,156 hospitalizations, with a readmission rate of only 1.8% (367 patients).

The patient satisfaction index is 4.9/5. In its state-of-the-art operating rooms, this center of excellence excels in three highly specialized areas: Cardiovascular surgery, orthopedic surgery in joint replacements and neurosurgery. The level and quality of these procedures - performed by an interdisciplinary team of professionals who are eminent in their fields - has earned this ColSanitas hospital international recognition, awards and certifications.

An example: the Department of Gastroenterology received from the World Organization of Gastroenterology the appointment of a training center for Latin America, in the area of digestive endoscopy.

The presence of professionals of excellence, in a space designed to heal, offer the perfect combination for the patient who comes to Clínica Universitaria Colombia for various adversities. Support in all cases, and in all areas, is integral. The patient in cardiac rehabilitation, for example, performs controlled physical activities, receives nutritional and psychological support. In another area, the clinic is also a leader in Bogotá in the treatment of victims of domestic violence.

With 35 years of supporting comprehensive health care, ColSanitas remains at the forefront of technology and medical care, with more than 5,000 professionals dedicated each day to meeting the challenge of patient wellness and good health.

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