1. I don't have my user or password, where do I get them?

You can click on the menu "Ingresar", and next go to the link with the text "Olvidó su contraseña", and then type your email associated with PALIG and finally click over "Enviar Email" button, eventually an email with instructions will get to your inbox.  NOTE: this feature only works in spanish.

2. My user and password doesn't work, what should I do?

Send an email trough Contact Us form, please fullfill all your data and we will receive your inquiry and will provide you a solution.

3. What aditional features will I be able to get if I do have a user and password?

We have many other benefits within the premium part of the site, as : wellness evaluator, my diet, progress evaluation, exercise videos and other additional guides. UNFORTUNATELLY THAT SECTION IS ONLY IN SPANISH.

4. Can I use the site trough my mobile device?

Yes, mobile devices with Android as well as Apple are fully compatible with PALIGMED.

5. Which Internet Browser is desirable to use on PALIGMED?

Is preferred to use Google Chrome, but the site is also compatible with the most recent versions of other browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Opera.

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6. On which languages is the site available?

The main content of the site is available in both Spanish and English, however most of the content generated continuously is provided in Spanish.


1. How can I find a doctor, dentis or any medical provider?

In order to do a proper search you must start within main page from the site PALIGMED.COM , then click over Search, then select your country and network, if necessary select your city and then click over select  and finally select the provider type and click on search.

2. Is there other method to find a medical provider?

If you couln't find a medical provider even if you have its information, please leave us a message on the contact form so we can reach you and update the proper information.

3. Is all the information about the medical provider updated?

Yes it is, but if you find that any information within the providers directory may have an error, please contact customer support and provide the correct information. In order to reach customer support and PALIGMED team can get that information updated. You contacting Customer Support along with PALIGMED Team will help to keep that data updated.