Fundación Cardiovascular de Colombia - Hospital Internacional de Colombia

Piedecuesta, Santander, Colombia

Everything about Fundación Cardiovascular de Colombia (FCV)-Hospital Internacional de Colombia (HIC) is focused on excellence. The foundation, which opened its doors in 1986, and its ambitious project, the hospital, which opened in 2016, represent the medicine of the future: highly complex procedures and therapies in a framework of patient care and attention with a strong human component.

For these centers of excellence, the patient, of course, comes first. Its facilities are of global stature, have comfortable waiting rooms, cafeterias with an exceptional nutritional offer, 24-hour internet connection, and a healing garden, a natural green space within the hospital itself.

The medical offer of these centers is very wide, and they are recognized by their experience in the handling of cases of medium and high complexity, among them the specialization in all types of cardiovascular diseases and treatment of congenital cardiopathies.

FCV-HIC is internationally recognized as a center of excellence in ECMO (Extracorporeal Life Support) and artificial heart implants, being the first to implant Heart Mate II and III, devices that help cardiac pumping, dramatically improving the quality of life and survival of the cardiac patient.

Another medical practice to highlight is surgery for Parkinson's disease and epilepsy, stroke treatment and endovascular surgery.

In the area of oncology, the center has a modern machine for radiotherapy with linear accelerator (Varian TrueBeam STx), which allows greater precision in the treatment of the tumor and affected areas.

Fundación Cardiovascular de Colombia has 190 beds, and Hospital Internacional de Colombia has 178. They have 191 and 173 nurses respectively, representing 1.6 nurses per hospitalized patient.

From November 1, 2017 to October 31, 2018, HIC received 53,743 patients and FCV 28,749. Between September 2017 and September 2018, 5,158 surgical procedures were performed at HIC.

A key indicator in assessing the quality of care in a hospital is the rate of patient readmission. In the case of HIC, it was 0.80%, and 1.11% in FCV. Both institutions have an infection rate of 2.53.

Another fact to take into account is the level of satisfaction expressed by patients: 97.01% satisfaction in HIC, and 95.33% in FCV.

For its excellent care and its pioneering and advanced procedures, FCV was the first center in Colombia to receive the Joint Commission International accreditation, and has remained for years in the ranking of the first 10 hospitals of the magazine América Economía. Its accreditations have also given it the prestige of being a university hospital, where future generations of doctors are being trained.

Patients from different parts of the world come to Fundación Cardiovascular de Colombia-Hospital Internacional de Colombia to receive excellent treatments. To care for them even before they land, the International Department works day and night.

A team of 15 bilingual professionals organize all the administrative and medical care angles: From immigration services, to transfers and coordination of the care the patient will receive, as well as a telemedicine service to guarantee the medical control of each patient.

And this attention is not limited to the land: the centers have a Medicalized Air Transport, a special airplane for the transfer of critical patients between health institutions. At 10,000 meters above sea level, certified medical personnel attend to the patient in transit, so that he or she arrives at his or her destination safely and ready to receive the treatment he or she deserves and needs.

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